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Most common scams in Goa

Planning to have a trip to Goa with your friends is itself a scam dude. It never happens:)

Goa is no doubt a party hub for tourist, its nightlife, beaches, clubs attract the visitor from all over the Indian as well as from abroad. But some people have misconceptions about it that the will get drugs and sex very easily but maybe the forget that Goa is in India. but if you want to enjoy cheap alcohol and party all night then goa is waiting for you.
But before visiting goa you must have to be aware of the most common scams in goa.

So, here is the list of most common scams in India:-

  1. Bike/Car Rental

Only rent your bike and car which have a black number plate and number is written from yellow color, all the other colored number plates are not allowed for renting purpose, and if the police caught you then they will charge you a hefty amount.
Also before renting a car or bike, ensure that there will be no scratches on it or it is better if you record the video of the exterior and interior of the car so that when you return it, the can not claim against you.

  1. Do not take the lift from local

Although the people of goa are peaceful, friendly, and fun-loving but don’t take the lift from any strangers, as they will try to sell weed, and other stuff and also can charge different amounts at the time of drop, it’s also a trap.
So, it is better to hire a taxi at night or take the bus, as goa is well connected with the local buses.

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Goa Cruise Ship
  1. Avoid Strangers

While walking on the beach in goa many strangers approach you and will offer you massage and girls and they will take you in the trap and claim that they have foreigner girls for massage and also many people roaming on the street, roads, insisting you to take drugs. (the drug is illegal in India) But they all are fake it’s a scam. Don’t talk with them.

  1. Free Coupon scam

Another next level scam which I only saw in goa, a stranger approaches to you mostly to couples and will offer free passes and when you open that pass there is a gift for you, mostly resort or holiday trip and take you to their hotel or resort and then they were asking for your credit card or debit card, and tell you that our money will be deducted but after some time will return back to our account, but that mone never return. So tr to avoid all these scammers.

  1. Thugs on Beaches

They are the people playing cards or carrom around the beaches and will try to involve you in their games. Once you get trapped in their web, the rest of the work is very easy for them. They are trying to loot innocent visitors by trapping them in these games, guess the number or any other simple-looking games and once the person is trapped they will argue, beat, and steal the money.

Don’t try to get any of the above scams, you will be looted and be left helpless, but Mostly all these scams are done by non-Goan people.

But scams are common in all tourist places, as far as safety is concerned, you don’t need to worry much about the people or the places. Everyone is quite welcoming, people won’t stare at you as you might think, and everyone is quite comfortable with tourists since it is a tourist destination.

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