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Tourist places in Jaipur

Jaipur, better known as the pink city of India is famous for its culture, camels, forts, etc. city is also home to some world heritage sites such as UNESCO and it is surrounded by Aravali Hills. Visiting Jaipur was a great experience and I loved this city very much. There are various exotic places to visit in Jaipur but here I shortlisted some best Tourist places in Jaipur to worth visit.

Historical Places to Visit in Jaipur

1. Amber Palace
Amber palace situated 11 kilometers from Jaipur city. A popular way of reaching the top of the fort by elephant ride and the price for elephant ride is 1200 and it only operates in the morning. the fort is consists of four courtyard palaces, halls, and gardens. The first courtyard is the jalebi chowk courtyard and the second one is Diwan-e-am, third is Diwan-e-Khas and the last one is the palace on Man Singh.
You might prefer to have a guide to show you through the fort and to explain the history, traditions, and significance of everything inside the walls of the Amber Fort.
Visiting Timing:- 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Entry Fee:- Indian Rs. 100
Foreigner Rs. 500

Amber Fort
Amber Palace

2. Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal is one of the best tourist places in Jaipur situated in the heart of the Jaipur and built from red and pink sandstone, it’s also famously known as ‘palace of breeze’.
Hawa Mahal derives its name from its unique structure, which is a mesh of small windows that allowed the cool wind to enter the palace and hence kept the palace comfortable during the hot summer months. The main reason behind the palace’s construction was to allow the women of the royal house to observe the festivities on the streets whilst being unseen from the outside as was the custom of the land.
There is a museum inside the Hawa mahal, tourists can learn about the sandstone structure of the Hawa Mahal.
Visiting Timing:- 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Entry Fee:- Indian Rs. 50
Foreigner Rs. 200

Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal

3. Jal Mahal
The Jal Mahal palace in architecture brilliance is situated in the middle of Man Sagar lake, the palace has a five-storied structure and four floor remains underwater when the lake is full.
Going to the lake in the evening or at night and simply gazing at the beautiful palace, which by-the-way turns even more stunning at night, is a simple pleasure you shouldn’t deprive yourself of.
Note* visitors are not allowed to enter the palace but can enjoy the view of the palace by boating in the lake.

Jal Mahal
Jal Mahal

4. Jaigarh Fort
Jaigarh fort is situated on top of hills locally known as Cheel ka Tila (Hills of eagle). and it is famously known as a fort of victory as it is never conquered. From the small opening of the fort wall, you can see beautiful maota lake at a distance. It houses one of the world’s largest cannon on the wheel ‘Jaivana canon’ currently Indian Army is taking care of it.
Visiting Timing:- 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Entry Fee:- Indian Rs. 35
Foreigner Rs. 85

Jaigarh Fort
Behind me is ‘Jaivana canon’

5. Nahargarh Fort
From Jaigarh fort go to visit Nahargarh fort. This fort is situated in the area of Aravali Hills and build by Swai Jai Singh II. The view of Jaipur city from Nahargarh is worth mentioning, from the fort you can see the whole Jaipur city.
After entering the fort first go to visit the wax museum and the model of ancient Sheesh Mahal, you have to purchase a separate ticket for it. Next go to see the water tank of the fort, in ancient time the royal use to save their daily uses water here.
Visiting Timing:- 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Entry Fee:- Indian Rs. 50
Foreigner Rs. 200

Nahargarh Fort
Nahargarh Fort

6. Albert Hall Museum
This museum is the oldest museum and state museum of Rajasthan also known as government central museum. In the museum, you can see a rich collection of jewelry, carpets, stone, metal sculptures, pottery, marble art, coins, musical instruments. The museum has paintings from illustrations in the Persian Razmnama which were specially prepared for Emperor Akbar.
Visiting Timing:- 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Entry Fee:- General:-
Indian Rs. 40
Foreigner Rs. 300
Indian Rs. 300
Foreigner Rs. 1000

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